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As a former Deputy Assistant to the President in the Administration of U.S. President Trump, Dr. Sebastian Gorka understand our country is at war with itself.


The War for America’s Soul helps you understand out how America’s elite—in both parties—betrayed our heartland, sabotaged the American dream, and accepted national decline as inevitable. On one side are American patriots, dedicated to freedom under the Constitution; on the other side are leftists campaigning not just to win elections, but to radically transform the nation.



Inside Defeating Jihad, you will learn how the fight against global jihad has cost 7,000 American lives and almost $2 trillion, and yet, most Americans do not understand what is at stake. Dr. Gorka is respected by peers because he understands our enemy is not "terror" or "violent extremism." Our enemy is the global jihadi movement, a modern totalitarian ideology rooted in the doctrines and martial history of Islam whose goals are to build an empire, suppress “false Muslims,” and engage in guerilla warfare against infidels.



Why We Fight: Dr. Gorka explains the basic principles that have guided strategists since Sun Tzu penned The Art of War in the sixth century B.C. To defeat your enemy, you must know him. Tearing off America’s politically correct blindfold, he clarifies who our foes are and what makes them tick.